Eccentric in a quaint way

"This is not strange. Unusual maybe, eccentric, in a quaint way... like dessert spoons."

Kristi. 21. Avid chewer of gum. I have a deep spiritual love for Lord of the Rings and live in a permanent state of nostalgia.

"I shall never grow up; make believe is much too fun."

"There are no kings in Neverland; just me."


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Daenerys Fan Challenge: Day of the Dragons.

“How big will he grow?” Dany asked curiously. “Do you know?”

“In the Seven Kingdoms, there are tales of dragons who grew so huge that they could pluck giant krakens from the seas.”


enchanted forest vs. storybrooke wardrobe

Do you feel that? That’s emotion.


Edinburgh, Scotland


When I was at Disney watching the Tangled show in May

Letting everyone down would be my greatest unhappiness

 "I think it’s very nice," she said. "Nice!" screamed Howl. "You would! You did it on purpose. You couldn’t rest until you made me miserable too. Look at it! It’s ginger! I shall have to hide until it’s grown out!” He spread his arms out passionately. “Despair!” he yelled. “Anguish! Horror!” The room turned dim. Huge, cloudy, human-looking shapes bellied up in all four corners and advanced on Sophie and Michael, howling as they came.